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What you need to know about 8U lacrosse

Players 5-8yrs old begin play in our 8U division.  All our member clubs have 8U programs.  Check for a program in our FIND A TEAM section of this site to connect with your local program.


8U lacrosse is many young athletes first experience with the sport of lacrosse. The boys entering at this point have a vast difference in their physical and cognitive development. The game they play should be designed to level the playing field. Every effort should be made so kids have the opportunity to play and develop the fundamental skills of lacrosse. The emphasis at this age group is on instilling a love and excitement of playing, while developing the fundamental athletic skills that will be valuable in any future athletic endeavors.

Careful planning must be used to ensure that the environment is inclusive of all athletes, provides multiple opportunities for each athlete to “touch” the ball, encourages experimentation, and is a place that the athlete will want to come back to again and again.

With respect to the competition at this level, coaches, parents, and officials should emphasize:

  1. FUN
  2. Introduce basic lacrosse concepts
  3. Explore competition in lacrosse
  4. Basic rules of play
  5. Good sportsmanship


The intent of our games is to provide an environment where kids can compete in instructional games.  Rules are designed to keep play fun and safe, with a lean toward helping kids learn the basic skills needed to be successful LONG TERM.  

Game Play: 

Players:  4v4 with no goalie (fun and run with lots of touches, safety)

Coaches:  May be on the field to instruct players (development)

Goals: 3X3 goals (development)

Equipment:  Full equipment needed (safety)

CheckingNO BODY contact.  No stick checks above the shoulder.  No stick checks can be initiated above the shoulder when stick check force is downward.  Lift checks and poke checks are allowed.  (safety and promotes good defense)

Scoring:  We don't keep score to make sure players focus on skills.  Players can shoot on goal, once they have completed a pass above goal line extended.  (development)

Faceoffs:  We do start with faceoffs.  (fun...and a great picture opp!)  If players are stuggling to gain possession, coaches can suspend faceoffs and teams can start with possession.  All other players begin behind GLE until possession is called(fun, development, safety)

Player positioning: Each team will have a faceoff man, all other players should start in the crease or at their own GLE.  Players are released upon POSSESSION.  This allows for 2 players to fight for the ground ball without dealing with a scrum.  (development and safety)

Penalties:  None.  These are coaching moments that might stop play, but teams do not go man down. (development)

Stalemate: If the ball is trapped on the ground and not moving, ref will stop play and award the ball based on alternate possession.  (fun..keep play moving..keep kids moving)