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Player Transfer Policy and Process

The purpose of the Policy is to ensure equitable and enjoyable participation for all participants. Any player that is contemplating transferring from one Member Club to another Member Club must have an executed Player Transfer Request form before any games may be played by the transferred player.

Policy: A player may transfer from one Member Club to another Member Club. A waiver may be granted provided they are in good standing (any outstanding dues or owed monies to the originating Member Club must be remitted in full prior to the waiver being executed).

Purpose: Waivers allow for unforeseen hardships that players in the AYL are experiencing and not for the purpose of team building. Players requesting a waiver are required to join a program that is adjacent to their "home" program, the program closest to their home or within their town boundaries.

Each Receiving Member team may accept no more than six (6) waivers. No more than 2 at each age level (14U, 12U, 10U and 8U).

  1. Discuss the issue you are having with your orginating club to find a solution.  If no solution is suitable:
  2. Download the Player Transfer Request Form here:  PLAYER TRANSFER REQUEST FORM
  3. Fill out the form and submit to the President of your Originating club
  4. The President of the Originating club executes the document and sends to the Receiving club
  5. The President of the Receiving club executes the form and sends to the AYL Board.

In the event the Originating Club refuses to execute the Player Transfer Request Form, you can escalate your transfer request directly to the AYL Board for active review with all parties. 

We understand there are many reasons why you may request a transfer.  Below are examples of reasons that transfers can be approved and denied.  

Here are some examples of reasons to request a transfer:

  1. Conflict with leadership - relationship is irreparable and causing undue stress on the player and parent
  2. Conflict with coach - abusive language or aggressive behavior 
  3. Conflict with teammates - causing undue stress on the player
  4. Our club is not offering a team at my son's age group  
  5. Transportation issue, and the other club is closer
  6. Cost is too high and club cannot adjust for my situation
  7. Attending a school in another clubs territory

Here are examples of reasons why the AYL will deny a transfer:

  1. Seeking better quality coaching
  2. Would like to play for a specific coach
  3. We want to play with our travel lacrosse teammates
  4. Would like to play with specific players